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  • Select all pins for report
  • Sort pins in report



Here's some possibilities of sorting and selecting pins for your report (filter, order, sorting).


Select pins for report

1. Select all pins

To generate a report from all active pins, click "Add all pins" on the bottom right.


2. Select pins from filter

To generate a report from filtered pins, fixate the filter first, e.g. all open pins created today.


To confirm click "Apply".


Click bottom right "Use filter result" and all pins meeting the filter criteria will be added to the report.

3. Select individual pins

Individually select the pins required for your report. Click "Add selected pins".




Sort pins in reports

Pins in a report can be sorted by the following categories:

  1. Number
  2. Title
  3. Category
  4. Plan
  5. Created
  6. Status

Please note that sorting by more than one category is not possible.

To sort click the title in top menu. In the order in which the pins are sorted before you create a report, they are also displayed in the report. For example, if the pins are sorted by category, they will also be displayed in the report.


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