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Overview of Roles in docu tools


In docu tools, all project members can be given Roles on a project basis. These Roles enable individuals within a project to view or add content.

Currently the following Roles exist in docu tools:





(e.g. Project manager, construction manager, technician)

Administrators have full access rights. They can create new content, invite project members and edit all content and tasks. They are the only ones who can alter project settings and upload plans.

Information: Administrators in projects are typically main contractors who are given assignments which they then direct to subcontractors, project managers and site supervisors.



(e.g. project manager, technician, foreman, respectively with limitations)

Contributors can see all content in a project, but they can only alter content they have created themselves. They cannot mark any tasks that have been created by someone else as 'complete' etc., but can create their own pins and tasks. Contributors cannot add new project members and data sets, nor can they edit the project settings. They can create reports. They can see and create all media and groups.

Information: This role is intended vor employees who actively work on a project, but who should not immediately have the right to close all tasks as complete, or to intervene in other processes.



External Viewer

(e.g. client, surveyor, subcontractors who can set Pins)

External Viewers can see all plans and pins that have been given a task. They can create pins with media for documentation and also tasks. They can create reports, like subcontractors. External Viewers don’t see the members, groups or data sets. In media they see (like the Subcontractor) only the photographs of th pins they have created, or which contain tasks allocated to them

Information: This role is intended for subcontractors who document on building sites (e.g. project management and amendments), and who process the tasks of the local site supervisor. Also, this role can be given to the clients, so they can enter their work or requests directly into docu tools, and to always be informed of the progress and completion of work.



Internal Viewer

(e.g. back office employee, head of department)

Internal Viewers can see all content, but they cannot change or add anything. This is therefore a simple observer role. This role also cannot create any reports.

Information: Observers are typically owners, lawyers or other people who should be able to see the project.  




If a subcontractor has a task allocated to her/him, then they can see that plan, the respective pin and all media content of that Pin. Subcontractors can process in docu tools all tasks, add media and comments to pins, signal tasks as complete, and create reports. If a task is signalled to be 'complete' then this task is no longer visible to the Subcontractor. Companies which are invited to projects as subcontractors work either in the free version of docu tools or own their own license, but they have the Role of subcontractor and the consequent access rights designated to them for the project.

Information: Companies that are only required to process tasks and document this process are invited as subcontractors.



Licence request

For Roles 1 to 3 an active, paid-for docu tools licence is required, i.e. the minimum requirement is the pocket tool.

pocket tool users can be invited to an infinite number of projects.

No licence is required by Subcontractors (role 5) or internal Viewers to work on one or multiple projects.

Information: Templates are not linked to the roles in the projects, but to global rights. More on global rights here.




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