I have to reinstall a mobile device, what do I have to do?

docu tools Service Team
docu tools Service Team
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Whether you are switching to a new smartphone or have had to reset your existing device, you can simply log back into the app with your user data.

NOTE: When resetting an existing device, it's crucial to synchronize your downloaded projects and plans before doing so to prevent loss of offline data.

However, if you have previously used 2 devices, you will receive an error message. Then please proceed as follows:

  • Log into the web app via your browser.
  • Click on the icon with the little man at the top right corner of the black bar.
  • Under your name, click on User settings.
  • Scroll down to Devices.
  • Remove the devices you no longer use from the list by clicking on Unregister device.
  • Log in again on your new mobile device.

Don't forget to Download offline data again if necessary.

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