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Set up report placeholders for creating a signature field

These placeholders enable direct signing within the iPad app, contributing to the report's final output:

  • {{signature-NAME}} - Displays a signature field during report creation, which is then output in the final report.
  • {{signaturename-NAME}} - Creates a text field for the signer's name during report creation on an iPad, which is then included in the report.

NOTE: As these placeholders can be used multiple times within a report template, it's crucial to differentiate them. The "NAME" segment of the placeholder is meant to be replaced with a meaningful description, specifying the location in the report where you intend to display the specific signature and name.

For instance, consider setting up a report with two signature and name fields using the following syntax in the template:

Signature template

These placeholders are included in our default report template, "Daily Protocol".

You can learn more about report templates in our dedicated section.

Signing reports directly on the iPad during report creation

NOTE:** This functionality is currently available only on the iPad App.

  1. Initiate the report generation process (detailed steps can be found in our article).
  2. Each step is presented in a new pop-up on the iPad.
  3. Input a descriptive title for your report.
  4. Select the prepared report template with the signature placeholder.

Media Pop up

  1. Different pop-ups will appear based on the placeholders in the report. These may include:
  • Select media period and sortation.

Media Pop up

  • Choose plan snippet and minimap sizes.

Minimap Pop up

  • Select a date for the weather.

Weather Pop up

  • Choose attendees.

Attendees Pop up

  1. Fill in the options based on your preferences and click Next.
  2. The signature field will be displayed in the last pop-up.

NOTE: When multiple signature fields are present in a report, ensure you select the correct signature field displayed in the pop-up. The field's name provided in the placeholders will be visible above the text fields.

Signature Field Name

  1. Enter the name of the signer in the first text field.
  2. Sign in the second text field.

Signature fields filled in

  1. Utilize the Bin icon to redo the signature if needed.
  2. Once ready, click Next.
  3. If applicable, the next signature field will be displayed.

Second Signature Pop Up

  1. After all fields are signed, click Create.

The report will be generated, and the signatures will be included in the report.

The resulting report will showcase the signatures as illustrated below:

Signature in report

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