Title Suggestions Lists for Pins, Tasks, Comments and Tags

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In our app, we offer a handy feature: title suggestions for Pins, Tasks, and Comments. These suggestions aim to save you time by providing commonly used phrases, enhancing not only speed but also communication quality. Discover more about how these suggestion lists work within our platform.

The title suggestions you see are tailored to you. If you add a suggestion, such as a Pin title, Task title, or Tag, it becomes associated with your user profile. This means that when you add "test" as a Pin title in Project A, it becomes available for use in Project B. Rest assured, these suggestions are private and unique to each user.

Up to 30 suggestions for each entity

You can have up to 30 suggestions for each entity: Pin title, Task title, and Tags. We operate on a "first in, first out" basis. For instance, if you've added "test", "test 2", and "test 3", the system retains the most recent 30 titles. If you reach the limit, the oldest suggestion (in this case, "test") is dropped to make room for new ones.

Synced title suggestions list for seamless offline work

Even when working offline, your title suggestions are not left behind. When you're back online, the suggestions seamlessly sync with the backend, ensuring your titles are readily available for use. Additionally, if you ever need to retrieve your suggestions after reinstalling the app or in case of any mishap, you can simply download a project/plan.

iOS app

On our iOS app, we provide title suggestions lists for Pin titles, Tasks titles, Comments and Tags.

Pin Title suggestions

Task Title suggestions

Comments Text suggestions

Tags suggestions


On our Webapp, we have the following lists:

  • Pin Titles
  • Task Titles
  • Tags

The Webapp does not have a suggestions list for comments.

Web - Pin Title suggestions

Web - Task Title suggestions

Web - Tags suggestions

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