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Welcome to our platform! This article provides a comprehensive overview of the various functions available across different devices, ensuring you make the most out of your experience. Explore the detailed breakdown of platform functions on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android Tablet through the table below.

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Overview Platform Functions

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Overview Platform Functions

Basic Settings

Our web app is our primary platform. Here you administer everything such as setting up projects, inviting members, importing plans, and handling admin tasks. Access it through the browser at https://app.docu-tools.com. Access via our mobile apps is possible with limited functionality.

  • Help Menu: Available on all platforms, offering the sections Help Center, Service Ticket, Contact Details of our Sales Team, and shows the current app version. It notifies about new app versions.
  • User Settings - Manage user details, email, password, 2-Factor Authentication, registered devices and other options on the web app. iOS app settings include user details, password, save photos to device gallery, QR code scanner and GPS feature activation (iPhone).
  • Basic settings exclusively on the web app:
  • Notifications management - Configure notification frequency (daily, instant, never) and receive email notifications.
  • License management - Manage the users in your organisation - invite, assign lisences and more.
  • Report templates management - Import and manage report templates.

Projects and Plans

  • Create projects on the web app and iPad app.
  • "My Projects" list: available on all platforms; "Organisation Projects": Web app allows copying/accessing settings; iPad allows online access only. To learn more about the difference between those 2 lists, please refer to our FAQ.
  • Project settings: accessible on the web app for admins and users with project management rights.
  • Plan list: available on all platforms, however it is only possible to import plans on the web app and the iPad app.
  • Plan settings and the option to import new plan revisions are exclusivley available on the webb app for admins and users with the project managment rights.

Pins, Pin Groups and Tasks

  • Lists, views, and functionalities related to Pins and Tasks are available on all platforms.
  • Some limitations exist for the iPhone app, since it's a smaller screen, there are no extra task list and groups list view.
  • The filters for both the pin and task lists are most detailed on the web app. Also on the web app it is possible to add tasks in bulk in the task list.
  • All Pin fields are available on the web app and iOS app, only the tag field is available for the android app for now.
  • All Pin options (copy/move pins, attach media, change pin state, mark pins and tasks as done/rejected/closed) are available on all platforms.
  • On the iPhone app it is only possible to add photos, videos and notes; adding files, audio, sketches is not available.
  • The pin history and inactive content can only be viewed on the web app.
  • You can read more about Pins and Tasks in our dedicated sections: Pin and Task.

Web App only Views


  • Create, downbload and share on all platforms except the iPhone app. For more details, refer to our section on reports, here.
  • Sign reports directly in the app on iPad (if the selected report emplate includes the signature placeholder).

Working offline

  • Working offline: available exclusively on mobile apps (iOS and Android).
  • On the iPhone it is only possible to download single plans, but on tablets you can also download whole projects.

Mobile only features:

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