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Who can change project members roles

Only an Admin or a licensed user with project management rights enabled can change project member roles.

Changing the roles of project members in a Team

Teams are assigned a specific role. Only users with the same role can be added to this team. Note that changing a users role will remove them from the team, and they won't be able to work on tasks assigned to the team.

NOTE: Removing a user from a team may lead to sync errors. Please contact team members before making changes and ensure they sync all offline data on their devices. Learn more about Teams in docu tools here.

Considerations for user role changes with unsynced offline data

If all data is synced, the sync process runs normally. Contact users before changing roles or removing them to confirm if their offline data is synced and available on the web app.

When changing a user's role while the project is still downloaded on their mobile device and their offline data hasn't yet been uploaded to the Cloud, consider the following scenarios:

Sync Error: "Not entitled to sync data. Your role has been changed or you have to be invited to the project, please contact your admin."

When you attempt to change a user's role in the docu tools Web App, a warning will appear, prompting you to check if the user has synced all their data. Please contact the user directly to find out if there is any unsynced data and if yes, ask them to sync.

If a user receives a role lower than their previous one, they may lose the necessary rights to upload data to the server, resulting in an "Error" during synchronization.

To resolve this, temporarily grant the user either their old role or Admin rights to facilitate data sync. After successful sync, you can assign the new role again, ensuring the user's data aligns with the new role. Following a final data sync, the user's data will be in order with the new role.

Sync Error: "No permission to sync data: You were removed from this project team. Please contact your admin."

This error message can be caused by 2 scenarios: removing a member from the project and removing a member from a team (after changing the user's role).

To solve this error temporarily assign the user their initial role and re-invite them in the team to sync, then change them permanently.

How to change a role

  1. Open the Members section.
  2. Click the member's name.
  3. In the user details card, select the new role from the dropdown.
  4. Confirm the change by clicking Yes on the warning message.

User's rights - downgrading and upgrading and license considerations

When a user's role changes, their edit and view rights adjust accordingly. For detailed role rights, visit our article.

License requirements

Roles like Administrator, Contributor, and External Viewer require an active paid license. The restriction of projects only applies to active projects. This means that pocket tool users can also be invited to an unlimited number of projects. Unlicensed users have limited rights equivalent to the subcontractor role.

Subcontractors and internal viewers do not require a paid license to engage in single or multiple projects, the free license is sufficiant for those roles.

This will also be indicated in the project members list:

  • Tag active (free) - Users without a paid license with the roles subcontractor or internal viewer.
  • Tag unlicensed - Users assigned a paid role without an active license; Their rights will be limited to subcontractor role.

Free and Unlicensed tags

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