docu tools licenses at a glance

docu tools Service Team
docu tools Service Team

We offer docu tools in 3 different license models:

  • pocket tool
  • combo tool
  • multi tool

All models include:

  • unlimited cloud storage
  • unlimited report templates
  • unlimited subcontractors
  • open API
  • 2-factor authentication

All models offer the full range of docu tools functions - so a smaller model does not mean that you cannot use functions. The limitation is defined by the active projects and plans. Inactive projects and inactive plans are unlimited. You can reactivate inactive projects at any time.

pocket tool

Our smallest package offers 2 active projects and up to 100 active plans. The pocket tool is ideal for anyone who works on and completes one project at a time or only works on a project for a short period of time and deactivates it in between while workin on another project.

combo tool

The next largest solution with 10 active projects and up to 800 active plans is ideal for medium-sized offices where several people are working on several projects at the same time.

multi tool

Our largest solution with unlimited active projects and unlimited active plans is right for large offices or particularly busy users.

Free license

If you are only invited to docu tools as a subcontractor, you do not need a paid license. When registering for the first time, a free 14-day test phase is activated for each user, during which docu tools can be used to its full extent. At the end of this trial period, docu tools will be downgraded to the free version. For subcontractors, this means that plans will only be visible if tasks are assigned to them in the project. If there are currently no open tasks for the subcontractor, neither the plan nor tasks that have already been processed and the associated pin will be visible.

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