QR Codes for Pins

docu tools Service Team
docu tools Service Team

Generate QR codes for Pins effortlessly by incorporating specific placeholders in report templates. These QR codes enable other users to directly access a Pin. You can also print these QR codes on labels and place them directly on the corresponding item. This allows you to quickly access the corresponding pin, e.g. for recurring maintenance work, without having to search for it on a plan.

NOTE: Access to the Pin using the QR code is limited to active project members with the appropriate role.

Placeholders generating QR Codes

  • {{pin-qr-code}} - Generates a QR code for the pin. This placeholder is only available for word reports. This placeholder needs to be included in the pin area. The section starts with the opening tag {{pins}} and is terminated by the closing tag {{/pins}}..

Pin QR code

  • {{pin-qr-list}} - Used outside of the pins section, this placeholder displays a list of QR codes for all Pins, included in the report. The QR codes can than be scanned using our iOS apps and the Pins will be directly opened if the user has the rigths to access them. This placeholder is only available for word reports.

QR code list

Scanning a QR Code

Currently, QR codes can be scanned using our iOS App for iPhone and iPad. Soon, this feature will also be available with our new Android smartphone app.


  1. Click on the QR Code icon located next to the user settings (upper right corner).
  2. The QR Code scanner opens. 3.Scan a QR code from the provided report.
  3. The Pin is promptly opened.

QR code scanner iPad


To use the scanner on iPhone, activate it in the User settings first.

  1. Open the User settings.
  2. Navigate to the QR Code scanner section.
  3. Click the toggle button to activate it.

Once activated, the QR Code scanner icon will be visible in the top right corner next to the sortation menu.

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