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Moving projects between folders is a straightforward process reserved for users with the manage projects rights. This guide walks you through the steps to create a folder and move a project.

Step-by-Step Guide

Make sure that the folder to which the project is to be moved already exists. If not, create the corresponding folder first.

Creating a folder

  1. Select the ... button on the top of the organisation projects list.
  2. Choose the option New folder.
  3. Provide a folder name and if needed a destination folder.
  4. Click on Create.

Moving a project

  1. Open the project list.
  2. Scroll to the organisation projects list.
  3. Click on the ... menu next to the project you intent to move.
  4. Choose the option Move.
  5. Select the destination folder in the next window.
  6. Click Move.

The project is now moved to the selected folder.

Optionally, you can move several projects either by selecting the checkboxes and using the ... button at the top of the list or by simply dragging and dropping them.

Folder restrictions

In the license management section, you can control which folders users have power over when managing projects. If a user is assigned to a specific folder, they won't be able to see or handle projects outside of that folder in the organisations projects list.

Note: If a project is moved out of the folder, some users might not see it in the organization's project list. But don't worry, if they're active members of the project, they can still find it in their "My Projects" list and keep working on it like usual. They just won't be able to deactivate it or move it.


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