Deactivating Plans

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Deactivating plans is a straightforward process reserved for users with the admin role. This guide walks you through the steps to deactivate a plan and provides insights into what happens to inactive plans and their pins and tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open the Plan list from your dashboard to view all available plans.
  2. Click on the ... menu next to the plan you intend to deactivate.
  3. Choose the option Set plan inactive from the menu.

The plan is now deactivated and no longer appears in the default plan list, which only displays active plans.

Set Plan inactive

Viewing Inactive Plans

To view inactive plans, change the quickfilter to either inactive or all. This allows you to list both inactive and active plans simultaneously.

Plan list quickfilters

Understanding Inactive Plans:

  • Inactive plans are retained in the web app but are inaccessible on mobile devices (Smartphone and Tablet apps).
  • It is not possible to open or work on inactive plans. However, you can easily re-activate them from the ... menu, if needed.
  • Inactive plans and their associated pins are excluded from downloads on mobile apps. This optimizes data usage and accelerates the synchronization process.

Handling Pins and Tasks in Inactive Plans

  • Pin/Task State: The state of pins and tasks remains unchanged when a plan is deactivated.

  • Visibility in Lists: Pins and tasks from inactive plans are still visible in respective lists, and you can open them. An orange message appears when opening a pin or task from an inactive plan, indicating the plan's inactive status.

  • Editing Content and State: Despite being on inactive plans, you can modify the contents and state of pins and tasks, if their status is still open.

  • Adding Pins and tasks in reports: Pins/Tasks from inactive plans can be added to reports in the usual manner.

  • Comments on Pins: It is not possible to add comments to pins on inactive plans, although this functionality remains available for tasks.

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