Adding weather data to reports

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To include weather data in your reports, it's crucial to enter a valid address in the project settings.

  1. Navigate to the project settings.
  2. Access the second tab labeled Address.
  3. Complete the address details.
  4. To the right of the address form, a message will indicate whether the provided address is valid for our weather service.
  5. Click Save.

Address in project setting

Now that the address is configured, the weather service can be utilized in your reports. To achieve this, make sure to include the relevant placeholders in your report template.

Placeholder for the weather information

The placeholders will offer weather-related data based on the location specified in your project settings. To ensure their functionality, refer to the validation located on the right side of the address.

  • {{weather-icon-info}} - Displays the weather forecast for the provided project address, featuring a small weather icon. The placeholder is formatted as a table, presenting the weather icon within the first column and the forecast description alongside temperature details in the second column.

  • {{weather}} - When this placeholder is used in a report template, a new section will appear in the report creation window, automatically preselecting the weather details for the current day. By clicking on the edit button you can select a modify the date. The delete button resets the date back to the present day. This placeholder does not include a weather icon.

  • {{pin-weather}} Displays the weather of the date of the creation of the pin.

For more details on report placeholders, refer to our article.

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