Understanding Pin icons

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Pins play a crucial role in our app and can be easily distinguished not only by their color, which corresponds to the selected category but also by their icons.

Variety of Pin Icons

Task Indicator Overview

The task indicator is displayed for each pin with one or more active tasks, providing information on the progress of these tasks. Given that a pin can have multiple tasks with different statuses, the task indicator reflects the progress accordingly.

  • A dashed line represents open tasks, a solid line signifies completed or closed tasks.
  • An empty circle indicates that all tasks on the pin are either open or done (depending on the circle line).
  • A circle with an exclamation mark denotes that at least one task on the pin requires attention, either due to rejection or being overdue.
  • The checkmark with a solid circle line indicates that all tasks on the pin are marked as done or closed.
  • Inactive pins share the same icons, with the only distinction being their semi-transparent appearance on the plan. By default, only open and closed pins are displayed, and showing inactive pins requires the use of filters.

Task indicators

Variety of Pin Icons and Indicators

The progress of tasks on a pin results in different icons and indicators. Below is a breakdown:

Pin icons and indicators

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