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Photodocumentation is a crucial aspect of ongoing projects, and our platform offers a streamlined solution for capturing progress through photos. Users frequently utilize a single pin on the plan, designating it specifically for photodocumentation purposes. This pin becomes a repository for daily or weekly progress photos, creating a visual timeline of the project's development. However, managing this extensive collection of images for report generation can be challenging, especially when you want to include only the latest additions.

To address this need, our platform includes Media Filters within the report creation process. These filters empower users to selectively include photos in their reports, focusing on newly added or recent images rather than the entire contents of the designated pins.

Media filter options

To utilize Media Filters, users must first select a report template and pins or tasks. Once a template is chosen, the option to apply filters becomes available in the Media section of the report creation interface.

Media filters

The filter is always set to All by default, however we also provide additional more refined filter options.

  • Since: Includes pictures created in a period from the selected date to the time of the report creation.
  • From This Week/Month/Year: Filters media based on the specific time frame, providing options to focus on recent additions.
  • Between: Selects media added in the period between the chosen start and end date.

For a comprehensive understanding of this feature, you can also explore the part of our live webinar dedicated to reports and media filters. The webinar delves into practical demonstrations and explanations, offering a visual guide to leveraging these tools effectively. Access the webinar at this link and enhance your proficiency in utilizing media filters for impactful report creation.

Sorting options for media

In addition to Media Filters, our platform offers sorting options for picture tables, providing you with flexibility in organizing their visual data. Users can choose between two sorting methods:

  • Ascending: Arranges photos from the oldest to the most recent one.
  • Descending: Orders photos from the most recent to the oldest one.

Including timestamps on pictures

You can customize what information is displayed under the photos by leveraging placeholders in the templates. More details on this customization feature can be found in this article. Moreover, for a direct imprint of the creation date and time on photos, you can simply check the designated checkbox during the report creation process. This functionality offers a visual representation of the timestamps directly on the images.

Our Media Filters and related features are designed to provide users with precision and efficiency in managing visual data for reports. By offering customizable sorting and timestamp options, our platform ensures that your reports not only showcase the progress but also convey the chronological context effectively.

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