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Who can update plans?

Users with the role of administrator and project creators have the permissions to update plans.


  1. Open the plans list.
  2. Select the options button ... of the plan you wish to update.
  3. Choose the option Import new version
  4. Add a file using the button or by dragging and dropping it into the view.
  5. After comparing the resolutions of the two plan files, you may need to align the plans to ensure that the pins remain in their initial positions on the new plan version. In this view, you can also add a new Plan name.
  6. Click on Import

Aligning plan verisons

  1. Plans can be imported as PDF, JPEG, or PNG files. Similarly, new plan revisions must also be in one of these file formats.
  2. In cases where the new plan revision differs in size and resolution from the original, the system prompts you to align both plans optimally. Our software automatically compares resolutions and provides an "Align Plans" button when required. Please utilize the provided tools to align plans, ensuring that pins are precisely positioned on the new plan version.
  3. It is important to also pay attention to the rotation of the new version; if not correct, use the provided buttons to adjust the rotation.

Screenshot align plans

Screenshot align plans

Managing plan versions and reverting to previous versions

All plan versions are securely stored within our app and can be effortlessly reverted:

  1. Open the plans list.
  2. Click the options button ... associated with the plan.
  3. Choose the Show Versions option.
  4. A comprehensive list of all imported plan versions is presented.
  5. Utilize the radio buttons to seamlessly revert to previous versions.

Screenshot plan versions

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