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On the iPad, we've introduced pin templates for increased flexibility and faster pin creation on-site.

Pin templates can only be used within the same project. As soon as you leave the project or close the app, the pin templates are deleted. They are a quasi "single-use solution". If you work in the project again and need the template, you will have to re-create it.

The new pin and its tasks always have the status "open", regardless of the status of the pin that you used to create the template. You can therefore also use pins that are already closed to create a template. Pin fields, category and datasets are copied into the template. However, comments and media are not copied.

Setting up a Pin template

  1. Create a pin as usual.
  2. Click on the options ... menu in the pin view.
  3. Click on Save as template. You can save up to three templates simultaneously.
  4. Click on one of the three template options.

iPad - save as pin template

Use the Pin template

  1. Tap and hold the desired pin placement on the map.
  2. When the cross lines appear, select any of the three buttons T1, T2, or T3, depending on the desired template.
  3. The pin is now set with the same title, but you can modify it immediately.

iPad - use a template

To gain a comprehensive understanding of this feature, you can also watch the recording of our live webinar dedicated to pin templates. The webinar includes practical demonstrations and explanations and provides a visual guide to using this tool effectively. Access the webinar at this link and enhance your proficiency in using pin templates.

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