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To copy an existing project you either need to be organization owner or have the according permission assigned in license management.

What details can be copied

When copying a project, you have the flexibility to duplicate the following details:

Copy project details

  • Pin categories
  • Pin designs (including categories)
  • You can choose to only copy the pin categories, without the pin fields. But pin fields can only be copied in combination with the categories they are assigned to.

  • Team members (all or selected)

  • Contacts (all or selected)
  • If the provided checkbox is selected, all users invited to the project (team members) and all contacts will be duplicated to the new project. To choose specific users and contacts, simply click on the all option, which is now available.

  • Datasets

  • Report templates
  • Teams (with or without team members)
  • The Teams option refers to the teams section of the project members list. If only the first checkbox is selected, we will replicate the teams and their structure but leave them empty. To also duplicate the members, select the additional checkbox option include team members and ensure the Team Members box is checked.

NOTE: Inactive data is excluded from duplication in new projects.


  1. Navigate to the projects list and find the project you wish to copy.
  2. Access the project options by clicking on the ... icon next to the project.
  3. Select the option labeled Copy project from the dropdown menu.
  4. Provide a distinctive name for your new project. Optionally, assign it to a specific destination folder.
  5. Choose the elements you want to duplicate, such as pin categories, designs, team members, contacts, datasets, report templates, and teams.
  6. Click on Copy project to initiate the duplication process.

Congratulations! Your new project has been successfully created, and you're ready to go.

Create your own sample project

If you have developed your own standard for your projects or always work with the same settings and people in the project, you can save time by creating your own sample project. You can then copy this again and again according to the instructions above. You then only need to make the project-related adjustments, such as inviting or removing additional people, importing new datasets, etc.

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