I am an Administrator but cannot create projects or report templates, why?

docu tools Service Team
docu tools Service Team
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If you are facing issues creating projects or report templates despite being an Administrator, there are a few possible reasons for this. Please consider the following:

License Expiry

Double-check the status of your license. If your license has expired, you may experience limitations in your administrative capabilities. If your license has expired please contact our sales team or issue a service ticket.

Global rights

  • Project Management Rights

To manage and create projects, it is essential to have "Project management" rights. Confirm that you possess these rights to exercise control over projects within the system. Contact your organisation owner.

  • Rights to create report templates (license management)

The authorization to create report templates is contained in the "License management" authorization. Make sure that you have received the appropriate rights for license management. To do this, contact your organization owner. Without this authorization, you cannot access the editing view for report templates.

If you continue to encounter problems, reach out to your system administrator or contact the support team via service ticket.

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