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 Data sets and Functions

A data set is needed to add an additional category, or a keyword to a Pin, so that Pins can be filtered by those, e.g. for the creation of a Room book. An entire room book is imported with all the information of the individual rooms and each Pin is allocated to a Room (value from the data set); all values of the room book are visible on site.

A data set can be any Excel list: Door lists, key lists, check-lists, floor lists, trades list, section lists, fire damper lists, numbered fire extinguisher lists etc.

Tip: In Version 2.x of docu tools this feature is called ‘Room’. In the new version this function has been expanded so that it can be used for a much wider application field instead of just the allocation of Pins to Rooms.

 Import Excel list

  • Go in your project to the menu option ‘Data set’
  • Select in ‘Options’ the field ‘Import’


  • Name the Data set and select the file
  • If the liste has been created in a ways fort he title of individual items tob e in the first column, then please tick the box ‘Invert Columns and Rows to keep first column as title’
  • Click Import’
  • In the last step mark the two columns on which their ID, or the title of the value, should be drawn.


Tip: ID und title of the column are the two values which are shown in the Pin. Here, for example, you can see a Pin with which the room "UZE_U1_02_HT Wohnraum" has been selected. "UZE_U1_02_HT" is the ID of the value and "Wohnraum" its title.


  • If you have awarded the ID and column then this is displayed above the column. Based on both these two values you can now Search when you want to allocate a value to a Pin.


Add a dataset link to a pin

  • Open the pin, click on "Link dataset"


  • Select the dataset from which you want to add a value to a pin. 


  • Click the value, or use the search to find a value from the dataset. 
  • Click on "Options" in the upper right corner to display the entire dataset! 

Bildschirmfoto_2018-05-28_um_09.06.53.png Bildschirmfoto_2018-05-28_um_09.07.04.png


This is especially helpful if a dataset consists of more than 2 columns (ID and title) and you want to search for values that are not ID or title. 

  • After you have selected a value, the dataset link is added to the pin.



Note: If you want to import several values from the same data set, simply repeat this procedure. The same applies to values from other data sets. Any number of values from one or more data sets can be assigned to a pin.


 Information to view value

As soon as you have selected a value, docu tools will show you automatically all information from this value.


You can view all values of a data set. Select a Pin of a data set, click on ‘Options’ and on ‘Show entire data set’ to delete the data set from the Pin.

Update Data sets

Open your Data sets and click on ‘Options’


Click on ‘Overwrite’. Select the updated file (CSV, XLSX) and drag the file into the field.

Once you have updated a data set, the old data set is deposited in grey.


 Export Data sets

You can export current and old data sets from docu tools. Open your data sets, select ‘Options’ and click on ‘Export data set’.


Click ‘Export’ to download the data set.


 Manually edit Data sets  

You can edit data sets that have already been uploaded in different ways, adding new rows and columns.

Open the data set. Click to the top right on ‘Options’ and then on ‘Edit’.


Here you can find multiple editing options:

  • Add row
  • Add column
  • Edit
  • Delete


Clicking on ‘Edit’ you can edit the entire content of the row, without needing to upload a new version.  



Rename of Datasets 

 Click on "Options" and "Rename" to rename the uploaded dataset. 


Add datasets to reports

You can output the values of the assigned datasets in an Excel report or a Word or PDF report. To do this, you must insert the exact name of the dataset into the report template and then upload it.

Example: The dataset you imported into docu tools is called "Craft List" or "Room Book" so the placeholders in the template must be {{dataset-Craf-List}} or {{dataset-Room-Book}}.

Example Word Report with Dataset


Example Excel Report with Dataset


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