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The task status feature plays a crucial role in tracking the progress of work with more granularity. We have defined five distinct states for tasks, and these states can be modified based on user roles, permissions, and the task assignee.

Different task states overview

  1. Open

This serves as the default state for a new task, indicating that work is currently in progress. Users with admin roles or the task creator can edit the task details, and comments and media can be added by everyone.

Next Steps:

  • The task assignee can set the task to "Done" or "Rejected". Adding a comment when rejecting a task is recommended for efficient resolution.
  • The admin or task creator can directly set the task to "Closed". This is usually helpful when tasks were assigned to contacts (contractors that don't have a docu tools account). This way when they report the task as fullfilled, the task creator can close it to indicate that in the app as well.
  1. Done

When the task assignee completes the work, they can mark it as "Done". Task details become uneditable, but comments and media can still be added by everyone.

Next Steps:

  • The task creator receives a notification and can review and choose to "Reopen" or "Close" the task.
  • The task assignee loses the ability to change the task status, but can still add media and comments.
  • The admin can mark the task as "Closed" or reopen it.
  1. Rejected

If the task assignee cannot work on a task or believes it was assigned in error, they can choose to "Reject" it. This status indicates that there is still work to be done on the task, requiring review and reassignment.

Next Steps:

  • After rejection, the task creator receives a notification and can review the task.
  • The admin or task creator can then change the assignee, close the task, or reopen it with the same assignee.
  1. Closed

Once work on the task is completed, it can be set to the "Closed" state. Task details become uneditable, and the task remains visible in the Pin details but becomes invisible to subcontractors and external visitors.

Next Steps:

  • The admin or task creator has the option to reopen the task, or it can be set to inactive in the task details.
  • If the subcontractor has no other open tasks on the plan, the entire plan becomes invisible to them.
  1. Inactive

Similar to the "Closed" state, work on the task is completed, and details become uneditable. However, tasks in this state are not shown in the Pin details by default, providing better visibility for ongoing work by deactivating finished tasks.

How to set a task inactive:

  • Only admins or the task creator can set a task to inactive.
  • Open the task details, click on the task in the Pin details, select the ... menu, and choose the option Set inactive.

How to show inactive tasks:

  • In the Pin details, select the ... menu, and choose the last option Show inactive content.
  • Alternatively, use filters in the task list by selecting the Inactive status and adjusting the quickfilter for Inactive or All contents.

Quickfilter options

NOTE: Tasks in "Done", "Closed", and "Inactive" states cannot be edited. Available buttons depend on the user's role and permissions.

Visibility for subcontractor and external visitor

Subcontractors and external visitors have limited access to project contents. For more details on roles, please read our article on roles.

  • Both roles can manage assigned tasks in docu tools, including adding media and comments. External viewers can create tasks and have the right to close and reopen them.
  • When a task is marked as "Closed" or "Inactive," it becomes invisible to these users and is excluded when using filters.

Task list - filters and bulk edit

Task states can be modified in the task list. Most users see options to add tasks to a report or change their state to "Done".

  • This affects tasks with the "Open" state; tasks marked as "Rejected" won't be changed.
  • Edit rights are consistent with the task details view, respecting user roles and permissions.

For more details on bulk editing pins and tasks, please refer to this article.

For efficient task navigation, leverage the filters available in the task list. These filters allow you to refine your search based on diverse criteria, including task number, title, assignee, due date, and other task details. Additionally, you can further narrow down your search by utilizing Pin-related filters, such as pin number, status, title, and various other parameters.

Taskfilter options

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