Selecting and sorting pins for reports

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When creating reports, you have various options for selecting and organizing pins and tasks. The arrangement of pins and tasks in the report is determined by the selected pin sortation during creation.

Selecting pins and tasks for reports

  1. Select all Pins or Tasks
  • Utilize the bulk edit checkbox and select "All pages" in each list to choose all pins or tasks.
  • In the report creation mask, use the "Add all Pins" or "Add all Tasks" button.
  1. Select a filter result
  • Filter pins or tasks in the list, then use the bulk edit checkbox.
  • In the report creation mask, apply a filter, and click the Use filter result button.
  1. Select individual pins or tasks
  • In each list, use individual checkboxes to select specific pins or tasks for inclusion.
  • In the report creation mask, choose individual pins or tasks using checkboxes and then click the Add selected Pins or Add selected Tasks button.

For more detailed information, refer to our article on "The 5 ways to create reports".

Sort in Pins in reports

Pins in a report can be sorted by the following categories:

  • Number
  • Title
  • Category
  • Plan
  • Last modified (in Pin list)
  • Created (in Report creation mask)
  • Status

NOTE: Sorting by more than one category simultaneously is not possible.

To sort, click the title of the column. The order in which pins are sorted before report creation reflects their display sequence in the report. For instance, if pins are sorted by category, they will be displayed accordingly in the report.

Pin list

NOTE: If sortation placeholders are included in the report, they will override the chosen sortation in the pin list before report creation. For more information on pin sortation placeholders, refer to the pin plаceholders article.

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