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The Pin status is a crucial element in tracking progress and managing tasks. It is prominently displayed as a button under the pin title in pin details, adjacent to the category button. Additionally, the Pin status is visible in the pin list view.

Pin states overview

  • Open

This is the default state for a new Pin, indicating that work is currently in progress. Users with admin roles or the pin creator can edit pin details, and new tasks can be added based on role permissions. Comments and media can be added by everyone.

  • Closed

Once work on the Pin is completed, it can be set to the "Closed" state. Pin details become uneditable, and no new tasks can be added. While the Pin remains visible on the plan, it becomes invisible to subcontractors and external visitors if their tasks are closed.

  • Inactive

Similar to the "Closed" state, work on the Pin is completed, and details become uneditable. No new tasks can be added, and it becomes invisible to subcontractors and external visitors if tasks are closed. The key distinction is that Pins in this state are not shown on the plan (they can be displayed by adjusting filters). This feature is especially helpful in large projects with numerous Pins on a single plan, providing better visibility for ongoing work by deactivating finished Pins.

How to show inactive Pins:

  • Use filters in the pin list by selecting the Inactive status and adjusting the quickfilter for Inactive or All contents.

Quickfilter options

Closing or deactivating a Pin with tasks

The Pin state can only be changed by the pin creator or a user with the "Admin" role.


  1. Open a Pin.
  2. Click the Pin state button and select "Closed."
  3. If there are open tasks, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose whether to close the tasks or leave them unchanged.

Bulk Edit

For a streamlined process, you can perform bulk edits:

  1. Select multiple Pins in the Pin list using the provided checkboxes.
  2. Use the edit button on top of the list and select the option Edit.
  3. In the provided view, change the status using the dropdown.

Note: If there are open tasks in any of the selected Pins, they will be directly set to "Closed".

Re-open or activate closed/deactivated Pins

Who can do it: Admin, Pin creator.

Use the same status button under the pin title to achieve this.

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