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docu tools allows the creation of various Excel report templates where most placeholders can be utilized. However, some placeholders related to plan snippets and pictures do not function within Excel report templates, as specified in their respective articles.

The guidelines for using placeholders remain consistent in Excel templates. Placeholders that open and close a specific area must be enclosed properly. For instance, task placeholders should be placed within the task area. This involves adding an extra row: one for the open placeholder {{tasks}}, another row for all the task placeholders, and a final row for the closing tag {{/tasks}}. Although this may create an additional row, it will not be visible in the report. You can find an example to download at the bottom of this article.

The structure will resemble this in the template:

Excel template

Pin fields types within excel reports

To ensure correct formatting and enable data usage for calculations and formulas, it's essential to set the cell type (number, date, etc.) for each pin field within the report template.

Specific excel placeholders

  • {{pin-media-file-name}} - This placeholder returns the file name of a picture. It's utilized within a section enclosed by {{pin-medias}} and {{/pin-medias}}.

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