Linking a dataset to a Pin

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NOTE: Datasets is a legacy feature and will soon be replaced by our new Checklist Pin field, that will greatly improve how we use and update dataset values.

To be able to link a dataset to a pin, you must first have imported a dataset.

  • Open the pin and scroll to the Fields section.
  • Click on Add dataset link...

Add dataset link

  • Select the dataset from which you want to add a value to the pin.
  • Click the value, or use the search to find a value from the dataset.
  • Click on ... in the upper right corner to display the entire dataset.

Show entire dataset

This is especially helpful if a dataset consists of more than 2 columns (ID and title) and you want to search for values that are not ID or title.

  • After you have selected a value, the dataset link is added to the pin.

Pin with added dataset link

Note: If you want to import several values from the same dataset, simply repeat this procedure. The same applies to values from other datasets. Any number of values from one or more datasets can be assigned to a pin.

All dataset links that are added to a pin are visible in the "Fields" section of the pin details card.

If you click on a value directly, docu tools will show you automatically the detail view of ID and Title of said value as well as any other information connected to this value within the dataset. If you would like to view all the data in the dataset click on ... in the detail view and choose Show entire dataset.

  • To remove a linked dataset from a pin click on the dataset value to access the detail view.
  • Open the menu by clicking on the ... in the top right corner.
  • Select Remove from pin.
  • There will be no confirmation window, the dataset will be removed from the pin and you will be taken back to the pin view.

Dataset link options

It is possible to add, edit or remove dataset links in multiple pins, by using the bulk edit options in the Pin list. This is especially helpful when you added the dataset file after creating the Pins or when multiple Pins should be related to the same value of a dataset link.

  • Go to the Pin list.
  • Select the needed Pins using the checkboxes.
  • In the Edit menu (pen icon on the right above the list), click on Edit.

Pin list edit

  • In the "Edit dataset links" section, there are 2 options: "Remove dataset links" and "Add dataset link".
  • Select the dataset and the link you want to add or remove.
  • It is possible to add or remove multiple dataset links at once, by adding additional rows in each section.
  • Click on Confirm to update all selected pins.

Bulk edit dataset links

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