Importing Datasets

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NOTE: Datasets is a legacy feature and will soon be replaced by our new Checklist Pin field, that will greatly improve how we use and update dataset values.

Datasets are used to assign an additional value to a pin so that additional information can be retrieved afterwards via cross-references and filters. Several datasets can be assigned to a pin. Datasets are imported in .csv or .xlsx format.

One area of application is, for example, the room book: an entire room book is imported with all the information of the individual rooms and each Pin is allocated to a Room (value from the datset); all values of the room book are visible on site.

A dataset can be any Excel list. A small excerpt from the application areas includes:

  • Room book, Doors and Floors lists
  • Trades lists
  • Service groups
  • Fire damper lists, numbered fire extinguisher lists
  • and various checklists

When creating a dataset use a simple file name without any special characters to avoid future problems with placeholders. Make sure all columns have a header/title.

Importing a dataset

Datasets are imported in .csv or .xlsx format.

  • Go in your project to the side menu section Datasets.
  • Click on Import Dataset

Import datasest

  • Select the file from your computer.
  • In the next screen you can rename the dataset, change the language and see a preview.
  • Here you can also adjust which cloumns should be used as "ID' and "Title".
  • If the list has been created in a way for the title of individual items to be in the first column, then please tick the box Change rows to columns to keep first column as title.
  • Click Import.

Tip: ID und title of the column are the two values which are shown in the Pin. Here, for example, you can see a Pin with which the room "DTU 55_15_280_T-001" has been selected. "55_15_280_T-001" is the ID of the value and "DTU" its title.

Dataset in the pin

If you have awarded the ID and Title column then this is displayed above the column. Based on both these two values you can now Search when you want to allocate a value to a Pin.

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