I can't see a project.

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docu tools Service Team
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This can have several reasons:

  1. You were not invited to the project. Contact the project administrator to invite you to the project.
  2. If you have created a project yourself but do not see it on the mobile device, you have not created yourself as a member. Read the article Create a new project to learn how to add yourself as a member.
  3. The project has been deactivated. Contact the project administrator.
  4. The license is expired.

You see the project, but it does not contain any plans.

You have been invited to the project as a subcontractor. Then you see the project, but it probably appears empty. Only when you are assigned one or more tasks will you see the plans that the tasks are on. As soon as all tasks assigned to you have been set to the status "Completed", they also disappear from the view and the project appears empty for you again.

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