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Supported Media Types for Pins

You can enhance your Pins with various types of media:

  • Photos and Videos
  • Audio Recordings
  • File Attachments
  • Sketches (find more details here)

Creating/importing media attachments

Adding media to a Pin is a straightforward process. Simply click the + button located at the bottom right of the Pin details, right beside the note field.

For iPad users, there's a convenient shortcut button that directly opens the camera, streamlining the process. On smartphone apps, it's currently limited to adding photos.

Photos and Videos

  • You have the flexibility to capture new photos and videos directly from your device's camera or select existing ones from your gallery.
  • Posting multiple photos in a single Pin is easy; simply select them from your gallery or take multiple pictures at once by selecting the camera button in the confirmation view.
  • By default, all photos taken within the app are automatically saved to your device's gallery. If you wish to disable this option for a device, you can change that in your user settings.
  • In the settings, you can also customize the size of the photos captured by the app to suit your preferences.

Photo size in the web app settings

Save media to gallery

File attachments

  • Supported file types inlcude, but are not limited to: PDF, Excel, Word, Pictures, Audio files.
  • When adding PDF files on an iPad we also provide the option to directly add a sketch prior to saving the files. This can be useful when adding reports that need a signature or for showcasing a specific spot on the file.

Sketch on files

Editing media attachments

Changing the media that was already uploaded to the app is not possible, which ensures evidence that holds up. However, it is possible to add and edit the comment, related to the attachment. To do that simply click on the Pencil icon under the files.

Media view tab on the web app

The Media view is located in the Side menu under Tasks. In this view you can view all media added to a project.

  • The quickfilters are located right above the media list and provide some quick options based on file types.
  • There are also 2 checkboxes that are checked by default: "include media from task comments" and "Hide inactive media"
  • The more detailed filter options are available at the Filter button on the top right of the screen.
  • When you hover on a media in the list, 2 options apppear. A checkbox to select the file and an Open button to open full screen view.
  • On the full screen few there are further options like Open Pin, Download, Copy link, Edit andSet inactive

Media view tab

Download media

Right next to the Filter button is the button for more options - ..., which provides 3 options for downloading the media files:

  • "Download selected media" is only active once some media was selected. To do that hover over the chosen file and a checkbox will be shown.
  • "Download filtered media" is only active when a filter is set. To do that use the Filter button on the top right.
  • "Download all media of current project" will download all active media that was added to a Pin.

There is also a Download option in the full screen view of a file.

Deactivating media

To deactivate all kinds of media attachments click on the Archive Box icon. Or open the file and click Set inactive.

Finding inactive content

In the Pin details:

  • Click on the ... menu on the left above the pin title.
  • Select the last option Show inactive content.
  • The inactive media will be shown in the pin.

In the media view tab:

  • Uncheck the checkbox for Hide inactive media and the inactive content will be included in the list.

Deleting media

In general it is not possible to delete anything from the app. Read more about that here. However, you do have the option to deactivate the media. The attachments will still be available in the background, but will no longer be displayed in current views and will not show up in any reports.

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