Adding notes to a Pin

docu tools Service Team
docu tools Service Team
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Notes are the comments of docu tools and are used for jotting down important information related to a Pin.

They are diplayed in the Activity in the Pin details view in a chronological order.

To add a note:

  • Open a Pin.
  • On the bottom of the Pin details there is a note field.
  • Write your text and press "Enter" or the orange button.

Editing notes

To edit a note click on the Pencil icon.

Deactivating notes

To deactivate a note click on the Archive Box icon.

The notes will still be available in the background, but will no longer be displayed in current views and will not show up in any reports.

In general it is not possible to delete anything from the app. For more information on the topic, read "Deleting in docu tools".

Showing inactive notes

In the Pin details:

  • Click on the ... menu on the left above the pin title.
  • Select the last option Show inactive content.
  • The inactive media will be shown in the pin.

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