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An organization in docu tools typically combines all users of a company. There are also working groups (ARGE), which work together in one organization, although the users come from different companies. Each user can be assigned to only one organization, but can be invited to any number of projects from other organizations.

Organization owner

Each organization has an organization owner. The organization owner can be the person who first signed up to docu tools within a company or was subsequently nominated to do so, e.g. when ordering licenses. Depending on the size of the company, this can be for example the boss, an IT employee or someone from the department management. The ownership can be transferred to other persons in the company should someone leave the company or take over other tasks within the company.

The owner of the organization has the following tasks and permissions:

  • Administration of the users in the organization
  • Assigning the paid licenses to the relevant persons
  • Assigning permissions for license administration and project management
  • Access to all projects in the organization
  • Possibility to manage roles in projects directly from license management

There can be only one organization owner. However, the authorization to manage licenses and projects can be assigned to multiple users to allow others to manage them as well. This is especially recommended for large teams.

All information about license management can be found here.

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