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Each user of docu tools opens an account with the preferred email address. The license can be assigned to this account and users can be added to projects with this account.

When you first register or invite to docu tools, you will receive an activation link to create an account. If this does not arrive, please check your spam folder. If you try to log in again at a later date with an e-mail address you have already used, you will not receive an activation code. In this case, reset your password and then log in as usual.


Administrator is a project role that requires an active paid license.


Assistant is a project role that requires an active paid license.


A contact is a person that doesn't have a docu tools account but is participating in a project.


Use the "Deactivate" function to hide irrelevant content that is no longer important in the project (e.g. because it is obsolete), is no longer needed, or may have been created by mistake.


Nothing can be deleted in docu tools except for "Empty folders" and "Contacts". Thus, we create an indisputable record of the work performed on the construction site, replacing subjectivity with facts. With docu tools you have the optimal performance record in your hands.


When registering for a docu tools account for the first time, a 14-day trial period begins during which docu tools can be used free of charge to the extent of the pocket tool license.

External user

An external user is a person with a docu tools account from outside the own organization, e.g. a partner company or a subcontractor.

External viewer

External viewer is a project role that requires an active paid license.


Folders help organize your data.

Internal user

An internal user is a person with a docu tools account within the own organisation (typically the own company).

Internal viewer

Internal viewer is a project role for which an active free license is sufficient.


docu tools can be used to its full extent only with an active paid license. Depending on the license model, the active projects and plans are limited, but the functionalities of docu tools are not limited. Licenses will be assigned to an organization after purchase. If there are several users in an organization, the organization owner is responsible for the distribution of license

License management

In the license management, licenses can be assigned to users within an organization. The authorization for the license management has on the one hand the organization owner and on the other hand each user who has received the corresponding authorization from the organization owner.


A member is a participant in a project or on a team and must be invited via the respective invitation function.

Mobile App

Mobile App refers to the docu tools app on the smartphone. The Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android devices.


Notifications inform the users about news in the projects, pins and tasks. These can be received by email or are displayed when logging in to docu tools.

Notification Center

Here you can find the notifications and set the frequency of email notifications.


On mobile devices, offline work is possible if the relevant projects have been downloaded to the end device beforehand.


In the organization all accounts of a company are summarized. A user is the organization owner, they manage the licenses. Not all members of an organization must have assigned an active license. Users within an organization are "Internal Users".

Organization owner

Organization owners are often - but not always - the first people in a company who have registered in docu tools and in whose organization the other users from their own company are assigned. Organization owners have access to the license management, can invite others to their organization and assign licenses and permissions.


To get access to your docu tools account, you need to set a password. You will also need this if you use the mobile app or tablet app.


The pin is the heart of docu tools. In it, you collect all relevant data on the documented object - be it a defect, a construction progress or an existing object.

You use the pin to mark the location on the plan where the object is located. The pin color helps you to categorize the object. With photos you document the real view. Pin sliders let you quickly add definitions. Datasets help to attach more detailed background information easily. Tasks that arise can be summarized here and assigned to the executing partner. The partner can document his work in the task and send it back to you for approval.


A report summarizes all the desired information in a sharable format (Word, Excel, PDF).

Report template

In the report template, placeholders are used to define which information from a project is to be transferred to a report. The information is retrieved from docu tools on a daily basis.


The role defines what a member is allowed to do in a project. Active docu tools licenses are required for the roles Administrator, Assistant and External Viewer. The roles Internal Viewer and Subcontractor can be assigned to users without an active license.


Subcontractor is a project role for which an active free license is sufficient. This role is usually assigned to companies that only work on assigned tasks and document their progress.


Data synchronization aligns data between the different end devices and makes new data available to all parties. Problems can arise if the period between synchronizations is too long.

Tablet app

Tablet App means the app on the tablet.


A task is always created in a pin, it cannot stand alone. You can create a task and assign it to a user/contact/team who is responsible for completing this task. They can document their work progress in the task and mark it accordingly once it has been completed. Once the task has been completed to everyone's satisfaction, it can be closed.


A team in docu tools is a group of team members who are to complete certain tasks, but where it does not matter which team member actually completes the task, e.g. all employees of an installation company, or all painters on site. It is important that all team members have the same project role, otherwise there will be error messages.


A user is a person with a docu tools account.

Web app

Web App refers to docu tools when used in a browser, e.g. Chrome or Firefox.

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