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Project members

The members of a project can be categorized into two groups: Internal Users from your own organization and External Users such as docu tools users from other organizations, and contacts, including subcontractors.

Internal User

An Internal User is a docu tools user from your organization who can be invited to the project. You have the option to invite users either through the "Members" menu or via "User management." Each Internal User can be assigned specific permissions based on their project role.

External User

An External User refers to a project partner from an different organization in docu tools. They can be either a licensed docu tools user from a different company or a free user acting as a "subcontractor", "internal viewer" or a "contact".

Contacts are companies or individual users who do not have a docu tools user account and therefore have no access to the project.

License Requirements

An active, paid-for docu tools license is necessary for using the roles Administrator, Contributor and External viewer. The minimum requirement is the pocket tool license. Pocket tool users can be invited to participate in an unlimited number of projects.

If a user without an active license is assigned any of these roles, they will be designated as "unlicensed". In this case, they will only have the permissions and access rights equivalent to the subcontractor role, regardless of the intended role initially assigned to them.

Subcontractors and internal viewers do not require a paid license to engage in single or multiple projects, the free license is sufficiant for those roles.

Roles overview

Please refer to the following table for more details on the specific view and edit permissions of each user role in a project.

It is important to note, that under normal circumstances, only the administrator has editing rights for the project settings. However, the permission to edit project settings can also be granted to other project roles through the license managment section. Jump for more details


Project roles

In docu tools, project members will be assigned roles specific to each project. These roles determine the level of access and permissions individuals have to view or contribute content.

Following roles are available: - Administrator - Contributor - Internal viewer - External viewer - Subcontractor


(e.g., Project Manager, Construction Manager, Technician)

Administrators have access rights, enabling them to perform various crucial tasks within the project. They can create new content, invite project members, and make edits to all existing content and tasks. Additionally, administrators are exclusively responsible for adjusting project settings and uploading plans. There can be one or more administrators, depending on the project requirements.

The administrator role in projects is typically intended for main contractors who receive assignments and subsequently delegate them to subcontractors, project managers, and site supervisors. Their role involves overseeing the overall execution of tasks and ensuring effective coordination among the various stakeholders involved in the project.


(e.g. project manager, technician, foreman, respectively with limitations)

Contributors can view all content within a project, but they are only authorized to modify the content they have personally created. They can create their own pins and tasks as needed. Additionally, contributors can mark tasks as "done" or "rejected" only when they are assigned to them. Furthermore, contributors can close only the pins and tasks they have created. They do not have the authority to add new project members or datasets, nor can they modify the project settings. However, they are able to generate reports and have access to viewing and creating media and groups.

This role is designated for employees actively engaged in project work, but without immediate privileges to mark all tasks as complete or interfere with other processes.

External viewer

(e.g. client, surveyor, subcontractors who can set Pins)

External Viewers are granted access to view all plans and pins associated with assigned tasks. They have the ability to create pins, tasks and media for documentation purposes. Similar to subcontractors, they also have the capability to generate reports. However, External Viewers do not have visibility into the project's settings and members. When it comes to media, they can only view photographs of the pins they have created or those that include tasks assigned to them, similar to the Subcontractor role.

This role is designed for subcontractors who are responsible for documenting activities on construction sites, such as project management updates and revisions. They also handle the tasks assigned by the local site supervisor. Additionally, this role can be extended to clients, enabling them to directly input their work or requests into docu tools and stay well-informed about the progress and completion of their projects.

Internal viewer

(e.g. back office employee, head of department)

Internal Viewers have the ability to access and view all content within the project, however, they cannot make any changes or additions. This is therefore a simple observer role. It is important to note that internal viewers do not have the capability to create reports.

This role primarily serves as a passive observer, allowing individuals such as owners, lawyers, or other relevant personnel to have visibility into the project without the ability to modify its contents.


If a subcontractor has a task allocated to them, then they can see that plan, the respective pin and all media content of that pin. Subcontractors can then manage the assigned tasks in docu tools, including adding media and comments to the pins, marking tasks as "done" or "reject", and generating reports. Once a task is marked as "complete" or "rejected", it is no longer visible to the subcontractor. Companies invited to projects as subcontractors may utilize either the free version of docu tools or own their own license, but they have the subcontractor role and the consequent access rights designated to them for the specific project.

The role of subcontractor is intended for companies that are primarily involved in executing assigned tasks and maintaining detailed documentation throughout that process.

Inviting project members and assigning roles

To invite a user to a project, follow these steps:

  1. Open the specific project you want to invite the user to.
  2. Navigate to the Members section.
  3. Within the Members tab, click on the Invite member button.
  4. In the new window, you can add multiple users simultaneously: - For all internal users, you can search for their name and email address. They will also be displayed in the list when you click on the email input field. - For all external users, enter their email address to send an invitation.
  5. Specify the project role that each user should receive.
  6. Click on Invite. - All newly invited members will be visible in the Members tab. - If the invited user is not yet registered in docu tools, they will be marked as invited until they complete the registration process. During this time, they can be assigned pins and tasks but will not receive any notifications from our app.

Project members list

Adding contacts to a project

Contacts are companies or individual users who do not work with docu tools, neither as a docu tools user with a paid license nor as a docu tools user with a free license. The member type is specifically designed to store essential contact information for external contractors and document tasks assigned to them. It is important to note that these contacts will not receive any notifications from our app and will not have access to the project within the app. However, you can generate reports containing the pins and tasks assigned to them and distribute those reports accordingly.

To add a contact to a project:

  1. Open the specific project you wish to add the contact to.
  2. Navigate to the Members section.
  3. Switch to the tab Contacts and click on the Add contact button.
  4. In the next view you can add all relevant data for the contact.
  5. Click on Save.

All contacts who have an associated email address can be invited as active members to the project at a later stage using the Invite as member button found in the Contacts list section.

Contacts list

Assigning and restricting the "manage projects" rights

To grant a non-administrator user the permission to edit project settings for either all projects or specific ones within the organization, the user must be a licensed user belonging to the same organization. To provide the "Manage projects" right, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the gear icon on the black top bar.
  2. Select License management from the options.
  3. In the column labeled Manage projects, check the checkbox corresponding to the user you wish to grant this right to. An orange folder icon appears.
  4. If the user should only manage specific projects click on the orange folder icon. Choose the respective projects and save.

License management

Webinar - Roles & Permissions

For a comprehensive understanding of our roles, you can also explore our live seminar dedicated roles and permissions at this link.

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