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docu tools offers you the flexibility to tailor your projects according to your preferences. You can create categories, utilize specific report templates, and customize fields for a seamless experience.

Accessing Project Settings

Please note that only the project admin or users with "edit project" permission can make changes to the project settings.

To access the project settings, click on the project settings button (gear icon) in the project list or find it in the top right menu of the plan list view.

Project settings in project list

Project settings in plan list

In the project settings window, you'll find six editable sections:

Project details, Address, Stakeholders

  • Edit project name, construction type, description, start and end dates, and other important notes.
  • Add a project picture and logo, which can be used in reports with the placeholder {{project-logo}} or {{project-logo-2}}, respectively.
  • Provide the site address to benefit from the weather service for reports by using the placeholder {{weather}}.
  • Include details about the owner and project manager.

Pin designs

For each project, you can create your fields in a targeted manner under the "Pin design" tab and assign them to all or exclusively to the desired pin categories. This allows you to adapt docu tools to your personal way of working (e.g. different checklists per pin category) and to display only the relevant fields in your pins.

You can use drag & drop to define the order of the fields in the pin and you can also deactivate fields again: the data already entered is therefore not displayed in the pin, but still remains saved in case you want to access it again.

You have numerous options for outputting the title and value of your field in reports. For this purpose, each field now has its own placeholder info in the upper right corner of the field properties view, from which you can copy the placeholders directly for your report template. This greatly reduces the risk of errors when creating reports.

All your settings can also be saved in the project templates. This way you have the same pin designs available when you copy your project and apply the settings.

Pin designs

Pin categories

Each project comes with three predefined categories: General, Defect, and Inspection. However, we recognize the individuality of each project, which is why we provide a selection of 15 colors for you to customize and tailor your ideal set of categories. You have the freedom to set the default category and rearrange the order in which categories are displayed in the pin details simply by using drag and drop. In the event of deactivating a category, you have the option to either keep it for existing pins or reassign the pins to a different category.

Pin categories

Report templates

Within this section, you have the ability to customize the available report templates for the specific project. Any report templates designated as global will be automatically included in every project and cannot be removed from this particular view. To add the additional templates, simply utilize the dropdown field to search and select them. By clicking on Add template you will see all the templates you have created yourself and you can select the appropriate ones. (You don`t have your own report templates yet? Follow these instructions to create your own report templates).

Remember to save any modifications before exiting the project settings to ensure that your changes are applied.

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