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docu tools Service Team
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Registering with docu tools

  • When a docu tools user invites you to their project with the free role of a subcontractor, you will receive an email invite from
  • Click Join in the email or copy the provided link into your web browser.
  • Fill out the registration form with the required details.
  • Click on Submit to create your account.
  • You will receive a second email, the "Welcome email", which allows you to set your personal password using the provided link. The password should be at least 8 characters long.

NOTE: With the free role of a subcontractor, you only have viewing rights for most parts of the project. You can mark your tasks as done or rejected, add comments and media, and create basic reports. You can learn more about roles here.

Web App

To access the docu tools Web App in your internet browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox), you can use this link: or copy it into your browser's address field. Then log in using your credentials.

  1. Projects list and notifications - After logging in, you will see the projects list containing all the projects you've been invited to. - You will receive notifications or emails for project changes such as new pins, plan alterations, or tasks assigned to you. - You can adjust the interval and channel for notifications in the notification Center, located in the top menu bar. - The top menu bar also provides access to User Settings, the help menu, and a search bar.

Top menu bar and projects list

  1. Viewing plans and tasks - Open a project to access the plan list view. - In the plan list, you will find all plans with tasks assigned to you. - Each plan will display the number of open tasks associated with it. - The side menu bar appears when you open a project and contains sections for Plans, Pins, Tasks, Media, Reports, and Datasets.

Side menu bar

  1. Creating reports on the web app There are various ways to create reports on the desktop app. You can learn all about them here. In the Reports section, you can download or share the created reports.

Processing tasks in the web app (desktop)

  1. You can access the tasks assigned to you in various ways: - Open a plan from the plan list to view only pins and tasks associated with a specific plan. - Or open specific Pins from the Pin list to find associated tasks. - Or use the task list to filter tasks based on а different criteria (e.g., category, plan, creator) and sort them by deadline.
  2. When you open the task details, you can add comments or photographs to demonstrate task completion or provide explanations.
  3. Click Mark as complete if you believe a task is finished.
  4. The task creator will receive a notification to review and confirm completion and can close the task.

Mobile apps

To start processing tasks on your mobile device, all you need to do is download the docu tools app from the app store and log in with your user details. Upon logging in, you will see an overview of all the projects you have been invited to.

If you don't have a SIM card or a stable internet connection on-site, you can download projects in advance and work offline. Make sure you have a stable internet connection at home or the office for the download process.

NOTE: Depending on project size, internet quality, and the device capacity the download might take a bit longer to finish, so please do not close the app until the process is finished as that might cause errors and incomplete data download. For larger projects, it's a good strategy to start the download overnight.

Downloading data

On the tablet, there are 2 options to download data for offline use: downloading a whole project or single plans. On a smartphone, you can only download single plans.

  1. Download a whole project on the tablet: - Click the cloud icon next to the project in the project list. - A notification will indicate the required storage space on your device. - Click Download to proceed.

iPad project list - download icon

  1. Download single plans on tablet and smartphone: - Tablet: Open a project and lick the cloud icon for the plan you wish to download. - Smartphone: Open a project and swipe left on the plan you want to download. - If the plan is less than 100 MB in size, the download will start right away. - If the plan is larger than 100 MB, you will see a notification indicating the free local storage. - Click on Sync and the plan will again be added to the queue. - You can add multiple plans to the download queue. - You will receive a notification once a plan from the ques was successfully downloaded.

iPad plan list - single plan download icon

iPhone plan list - single plan download icon

Sync view

  • On the tablet, there is an additional cloud icon in the top menu bar for the sync view menu.
  • On the smartphone, the sync view icon is located in the tab bar.
  • In the sync view, you can see all downloaded projects or plans and start syncing them simultaneously.
  • Syncing uploads your offline changes and downloads any new data from other users.

NOTE: Always sync projects with a stable internet connection before working offline to ensure you have the latest data.

Processing tasks on the Mobile apps

  • Once the project is successfully downloaded, you can start working offline.
  • On a tablet, access tasks via the plan view, pin list, or task list.
  • On a smartphone, open a plan, then a pin, and finally the specific task.
  • Click on a task to view more details and complete it. You can add comments and photographs using the camera to provide evidence of completion.
  • Click the Mark as done button after documenting all the necessary evidence.
  • When a task creator marks a task as closed, it will disappear from your Tasks list.

Upload offline data

  • After working offline, sync the projects again to upload the data to the web app.
  • Use the sync button in the sync view or individual project/plan buttons to start the sync.
  • During the sync, the app will upload your changes and download any new data from other users.

NOTE: Keep the app open during the sync process to prevent errors and ensure consistent data upload.

Reports on the tablet app

On the tablet, you can create reports from Pins or from Tasks: 1. Open the Pins/Task list 2. You can filter based on а different criteria (e.g., category, plan, creator) and sort the list to your preference. 3. Use the checkboxes to select some or all Pins/Tasks from the list. 4. Click on the Edit button. 5. Select Create report 6. Provide the title and select a report template. 7. Based on the report template there might be additional steps to follow. 8. You can find the finished report in the Reports section.

To learn more about docu tools on mobile devices, read this article.

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