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The Notification Center is a feature in docu tools that helps you to receive regular or instant emails about changes, newly created pins, plan status changes, etc. To receive these notifications, you must be a member of a project - simply creating the project is not enough.

Every time you open docu tools, you will see the notifications in the Notification Center. Additionally, you can receive them by email.

The Notification Center can be found in the top black menu bar under the button with the speech bubble. The option to set the email notifications can be found at the very bottom under Change notification frequency.

Notification Frequency Options

Depending on how you prefer the frequency of notifications sent by mail, set one of the following options:

  1. Never - Don't send e-mails ensures that you will not receive email notifications no matter what changes occur in plans and pins.
  2. Daily report - Every day at 6am you will receive a summary of all activity within the last 24 hours.
  3. Instantly - You will receive an immediate notification by email in the following scenarios: - Project related notifications, such as invitations and project status changes. - Plan notifications, such as new uploads, revision updates, and plan status changes. - Pin notifications (tasks and media), including media uploads. - Group notifications, such as group creation, name changes, and status changes.

The frequency setting is a global setting. I.e. whichever setting you choose will always apply to all notifications. So, if it is important for you to be informed immediately about completed work, you must select Instantly, even if for other notifications it would be enough for you to read about it in a daily summary.

Subscribe to plans and pins

In addition to general notifications, you can subscribe to specific notifications for plans, pins (Tasks and Media) and groups to receive targeted notifications at specified intervals (Daily Report, Instantly).

Subscribing to Plans

To subscribe to a plan, navigate to the corresponding project and access the options menu by clicking on .... Click on subscribe, whereupon an eye symbol appears next to the name of the plan. This eye symbol indicates which plans you are following, and you can switch off this function by clicking Unsubscribe in the menu.

Subcribe button for plans

Subcribe button for Pins in pin list

Subscribing to Pins

Like plans, you can also subscribe to individual pins to always be up to date in a project. For example, if documentation pins have been set where you want to monitor weekly construction progress, you can subscribe to that pin and you will receive a notification as soon as new progress has been documented.

To do this, click ... in the pin view and select Subscribe. The eye symbol now appears next to the ... peel area. You can switch this function off again by clicking Unsubscribe in the menu.

Subcribe button for Pins in Pin details

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