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In situations where a stable internet connection might not be readily available, you can download projects in advance and work offline using our docu tools app.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection at home or the office for the download process. Please refer to the guidelines to ensure a seamless experience with data sync.

NOTE: Depending on project size, internet quality, and the device capacity the download might take a bit longer to finish, so please do not close the app until the process is finished as that might cause errors and incomplete data download. For larger projects, it's a good strategy to start the download overnight.

Downloading data

On the tablet, there are 2 options to download data for offline use: downloading a whole project or single plans. On a smartphone, you can only download single plans.

  1. Download a whole project on the tablet: - Click the cloud icon next to the project in the project list. - A notification will indicate the required storage space on your device. - Click Download to proceed.

iPad project list - download icon

  1. Download single plans on tablet and smartphone: - Tablet: Open a project and lick the cloud icon for the plan you wish to download. - Smartphone: Open a project and swipe left on the plan you want to download. - If the plan is less than 100 MB in size, the download will start right away. - If the plan is larger than 100 MB, you will see a notification indicating the free local storage. - Click on Sync and the plan will again be added to the queue. - You can add multiple plans to the download queue. - You will receive a notification once a plan from the ques was successfully downloaded.

iPad plan list - single plan download icon

iPhone plan list - single plan download icon

Sync view

  • On the tablet, there is an additional cloud icon in the top menu bar for the sync view menu.
  • On the smartphone, the sync view icon is located in the tab bar.
  • In the sync view, you can see all downloaded projects or plans and start syncing them simultaneously.
  • Syncing uploads your offline changes and downloads any new data from other users.

NOTE: Always sync projects with a stable internet connection before starting to work offline to ensure you have the latest data.

Upload offline data

  • After working offline, sync the projects again as soon as you have a stable internet connection to upload the data to the web app.
  • Use the sync button in the sync view or individual project/plan buttons to start the sync.
  • During the sync, the app will upload your changes and download any new data from other users.

NOTE: Keep the app open during the sync process to prevent errors and ensure consistent data upload.

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