Rejecting tasks on mobile devices

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docu tools Service Team
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In some situations a user might be wrongly assigned to a task. In order to quickly communicate that to the task assigner we added the 'Reject' button. Once a task was rejected, the task creator will receive a notification and can make the needed adjustments.

Rejecting tasks on iPad and Smartphone apps

It is a good practive to also add a comment with the relevant information for the reason to reject the task BEFORE pressing the reject button. Once you have rejected a task you will not be able to add any information. The Reject button appears right next to the Mark as done button on all tasks that are assigned to your user.

NOTE: Once a task has been rejected, only the task creator can reopen it or close it or re-assign it to you. It is therefore important to always double check before rejecting any tasks.

Rejecting tasks on Android tablet

This function is not available on Android devices.

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