Managing offline data

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docu tools Service Team
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Remember to regularly update the docu tools app on all your mobile devices. Veraltete Versionen können zu Fehlern und Datenverlust führen. This is how you update the apps.

Upload offline data

  • After working offline, sync the projects again as soon as you have a stable internet connection to upload the created data to the web app.
  • Use the sync button in the sync view or individual project/plan buttons to start the sync.
  • During the sync, the app will upload your changes and download any new data from other users.

NOTE: Keep the app open during the sync process to prevent errors and ensure consistent data upload.

Deleting offline project or plan from a mobile device

  1. Synchronize unsynced data first
  • Projects/Plans with unsynced data cannot be removed from the device.
  • Before removing a downloaded project or plan, ensure that all offline data is synced. You can check the sync status in the sync view or the projects/plan list. If there is unsynced data remaining, you will notice an orange exclamation mark on the project/plan icon, and the sync view will display the message: "Unsynced data".
  • The app will also send reminder notifications when you log in to remind you to sync the data.
  1. Remove the project/plan
  • Swipe left on the plan/project you want to remove from the device and click the red button.
  • on a tablet, you can also select the Edit button in the sync view, select multiple projects or plans and remove them at once.
  • If all data was synced, the project/plan will be removed from the device and will no longer be available offline. However, you can continue working on it online.

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