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To create a new project you either need to be organization owner or have the according permission assigned in license management.


  1. Open the project list
  2. Click on the Create new project button

Create new project button

  1. In the new pop up you need to provide a title of your project.
  2. Optionally you can also select a destination folder through the drop-down-menu. (Note: Folders must already be created.)
  3. Select whether you take the "Administrator" role or no role in the project.
  4. And finally click the button Create.

Now the project has been successfully created and you can start working on it right away by importing the first plan.

Special case: No role in the project

If you select "No role" in step 5. you are not a member of the project yourself. Typically this is used in larger organizations where a person from the administrative team creates the projects for the project managers and is not involved in the project themselves. If you are actively working in the project, avoid this setting and always choose the "Administrator" role for yourself. Otherwise, you will not see the project on your mobile devices and will only be able to edit it in the web app. Also, you will not receive notifications in the Notification Center.

How to determine if you are a member in your own project

In the My Projects view, you will see all your projects listed. The My Role column shows your role in the project. If the field is empty, you are not a member in this project.

To add yourself as a member later: 1. Open the project. 2. Go to the 'Members' view. 3. Click on 'Invite members'. 4. In the drop-down menu in the field next to the envelope icon, select yourself. 5. Assign yourself the role of Administrator. 6. Click on Invite.

If the role does not appear in the list immediately, refresh your browser window. Depending on your internet connection, it may take a few minutes for the project to appear your project list on your mobile device. Now you can edit your project on the mobile device.

Special case: Large project with several buildings

If you are working on a project that contains several buildings, we strongly recommend creating a project for each building. Otherwise, the amount of data will "explode" and synchronization will take an extremely long time, even though maybe only 5 pins may have been set in one building. This leads to error messages and frustration, which can easily be avoided in advance by dividing the project into manageable object sizes.

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