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docu tools Service Team
docu tools Service Team
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docu tools is a professional software that requires appropriate hardware. Like all professionals (e.g. architects, graphic designers, etc.), you will only be able to use docu tools effectively and efficiently on suitable equipment.

For the selection or purchase of the most suitable hardware for the use of docu tools, the following points should be considered:

Desktop devices (standalone computer, laptop)


docu tools is optimized for use with the following browsers:

Please make sure that you always use the latest version of the browser!


For the best overview and readability of plans, the screen should be as large as possible.

Mobile Devices

Operating systems

The docu tools app is available for the iOS and Android system worlds. You can find the app on your smartphone or tablet in the respective app stores.

The currently supported operating systems in the mobile area can be found on our website.


In order for the docu tools app to work in offline mode, sufficient memory must be available on the mobile device. Therefore, we recommend devices with at least 128 GB of internal storage.

If other data is stored on the device, devices with more than 128 GB of storage space must be used to ensure the full functionality of docu tools. Smartphones in particular usually already require a lot of storage space for photos and other apps, but this also reduces the available storage space on tablets. Since the data transfer with SD memory cards is too slow to ensure stable synchronization, they are not supported when using docu tools.

Device recommendations

Our current device recommendations can be found on our website.

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