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You'll find the user settings under the man icon on the black bar at the top of the screen. Click on User settings right under your name. These user settings can only be edited in the web app.

Profile picture

Here you can add your profile picture. Available formats are PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP, maximum size is 10 MB. You can simply drag the picture onto the Drag’n’Drop your new image area or choose a picture from a folder by clicking on Select file.

Your profile picture is visible to all other users.

E-mail address

This is the e-mail address you registered with. If you want to change it please follow these instructions.

Personal settings

Here you can edit your name and enter other details. If you have received an invitation to use docu tools the system will have automatically pulled information from the email address that might not actually be your name. You can easily change this data here.

If you enter your phone number and your job title the information will be visable to all other users you work with.

Select the correct time zone from the drop down menu if it is not stated correctly already.

System language

Here you can choose your preferred language. Please note that this language settings only effects the user interface of docu tools. Any data entered by users-such as titles, notes, etc.-will be displayed in the language they were entered in. docu tools is not a translation tool.

Alternatively, you can change the language setting by clicking on the man icon in the top black bar and selecting the language from the drop down menu.


In this section you see the mobile devices linked to your account. You can connect 2 mobile devices (e.g. a tablet and a smartphone) per acount. These will be displayed under "Registered devices". If you want to register an additional devices, e.g. because you're upgrading your smartphone, you'll have to delete one of the devices first by clicking on Unregister device and Confirm in the pop up window. You can then start the docu tools app on the new device and login with your credentials. The new device will then appear in this section (refresh browser).

Photo size

Here you determine the size your photos will be saved in. This has impact on the memory capacity on your device as well as the synch times. Default setting is "Medium."

  • Small = The photo will be saved in A6 (a quarter of an A4 page). If you take mainly overview photos details will not be visible enough. That might also impact the quality of your reports.
  • Medium = The photo will be saved in A4. Details are dicernible and the pictures are ideal to use in reports.
  • Large = The photo will be saved in its original size.

Always confirm your changes with Save. If you don't want to save the change click on Reset.

Please note that the quality of the photo is depending on the photographer. If the photo is bad the highest resolution won't be able to fix it. Make sure you have good lighting when taking the photo and check the photo before saving it to docu tools. Consider taking a fresh photo when details are not decernible enough.

Change password

Change your password in this section. Changing it requires your old password. The new password has to have at least 8 characters. Confirm your changes with Save. If you don't want to save the change click on Reset.

2-Step Verification Google Authenticator

Secure your account against access from others by adding another layer by activating the 2-Step Verification with the Google Authenticator. You'll need the app on your smartphone. To setup 2-Step Verification follow these instructions.

2-Step Verification Text Message

This paid feature is only available in the Enterprise plan. Documention will be provided upon purchase.

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