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docu tools Service Team
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In situations where a stable internet connection might not be readily available, you can download projects in advance and work offline on-site. Please follow the provided guideline to ensure a seamless syncing experience.

Make sure you always have the current app version on your mobile device. Older versions can cause errors and block your work.

1. Internet connection quality

The speed and efficiency of downloading and uploading data directly depend on your internet connection quality. To ensure smooth and hassle-free download, only synchronize your projects when you have a stable internet connection. Attempting to sync with a poor connection may lead to data loss or other issues, hampering your work progress.

2. Ensure enough free space on the device

For optimal performance in offline mode, the docu tools app requires a sufficient amount of memory. We recommend using devices with at least 128 GB of internal memory. Please consider that other data, such as files from other apps and photos, may already occupy space on your device. Ensure you have enough memory available to use docu tools effectively. For more information, refer to our system requirements.

3. Be patient with downloads

Downloading projects onto your device may take some time, depending on factors such as project size, internet quality, and device capacity. Be patient and refrain from closing the app during the download process, as doing so may lead to errors and incomplete data downloads. Consider downloading during night time for larger projects when you wouldn't be using your device anyway.

4. Keep the App open during sync

During the sync process, it's essential to keep the app open on your device. Doing so helps prevent errors and ensures a smooth and consistent data upload.

Again: If you download larger projects during night time it's unlikely to close the app accidently.

5. Work fully offline

Once you have downloaded the necessary projects or plans, consider working fully offline whenever possible. On sites with a limited internet connection or for devices with 3G internet, we recommend tuning the flight mode on. By doing so, you are not dependent on continuous internet access and can avoid any unexpected data loss or errors.

6. Sync before going offline

Before transitioning to offline mode, always sync your projects with a stable internet connection. This step ensures you have the latest and most up-to-date data at your disposal.

You can find a step-by-step guide for downloading and managing offline data here.

7. Sync as soon as you have stable internet again

Make it a habit to sync your data as soon as you have a stable internet connection again. It will make your data available to the other project members and avoid errors. Also, frequent syncs with less data volume keep your device from being blocked by the sync for longer amounts of time.

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