Understanding device limits and managing mobile devices

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docu tools Service Team
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What is a device limit?

The device limit for docu tools allows users to access the app simultaneously on two mobile devices. For instance, you can have the docu tools app installed on both your tablet and smartphone or even use two tablets or two smartphones interchangeably.

Which mobile devices are affected by the device limit?

The device limit applies to the following devices:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android smartphones and tablets

Which mobile devices are registered?

Each device on which a user is signed in counts toward the device limit. If a user has multiple devices of the same type, each device is considered as one towards the limit. For example, signing in with your docu tools account on two iPhones will be counted as using two devices.

Where to find how many and which devices are linked to an account?

To see how many and which devices are linked to your account, go to Devices in your user settings on the web application.

How to register a device?

Whenever you log in to the app on a mobile device for the first time, the device is automatically registered in your user settings.

How to remove a device from the user account?

If you need to replace a device, the old device must be deactivated first in the user settings in the web application. The new device will be automatically registered when you log in for the first time.

NOTE: Remember that once a device is deactivated, you won't be able to log in on it anymore. Be sure to sync all data before deactivating the app on the device that you are replacing.

Can there be a loss of data if a device is removed from an account?

Removing a device from your account will not result in data loss. Synced data will be preserved, and the app will sign out automatically. Locally served data will also be retained.

Why am I notified about the device limit although docu tools is only used on two devices?

It is possible that your user account is still linked with a device that you no longer use. Check your user settings under "Devices" to see which mobile devices are linked to your account.

docu tools was uninstalled and reinstalled on the device. Why is there a notice on the device limit and how to solve this problem?

When you reinstall docu tools on a device, it may be recognized as a new device, triggering the device limit notice. To resolve this, remove the "old" device from your user settings under "Devices". You can then login again and the device will re-register.

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