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Pins are used to mark the spot where to find an object on a plan and as a bucket for collecting all relevant data in your project - defects, construction process, or an existing object.

HOWEVER, you cannot assign a pin to a different user. It will always remain in "possesion" of the creator. Instead, you'll use tasks to assign them to a specific user, including subcontractors.

How can I give access to a pin to a subcontractor?

When working with subcontractors, it's important to consider their limited view and edit rights within the project. They will only see plans on which tasks have been assigned to them as well as the pins that contains the tasks. To grant a subcontractor access to a pin, please create a task in the pin and assign it to him. Once the task is assigned, the subcontractor will receive notifications and will be able to process it.

How can I inform a subcontractor about his tasks if they don't use docu tools?

In situations where the subcontractor is not an active user of docu tools, you can still inform them of their tasks by using a report. To do so first create a suitable report and include the relevant pins and tasks associated with the subcontractors work. Download the created report and share it with the subcontractor via email or any other suitable communication channel. This way he is informed about his tasks and can start working on them.

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