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Tasks play a crucial role in distributing and allocating work within a company or across different companies in a project team. This guide will walk you through the process of assigning tasks effectively.

Understanding Project Members and Roles

Tasks can be asigned to any project member, contact or team invited to the project. To learn more about project members, click here.

How to assign a task

  1. Create the task by following the guidelines outlined in the Create Task article.
  2. Access the task details and click on the assigned user. By default, the task creator is usually assigned.
  3. In the next step, you will see a list of all active and invited project members, contacts, and teams. The users are displayed based on the date of their invitations. - Assign tasks to a project member: When assigning a task to a project member with an active free or paid docu tools account, they will receive a notification about the assignment. They can view the task and collaborate on it. The assignee has the ability to update the task's status, mark it as done, or reject it. Any changes made by the assignee will be notified to the task creator. Assignees can also add comments and media attachments to ensure proper documentation of task fulfillment.
  • Assign tasks to contacts: Contacts are not active docu tools users and will not receive task notifications. This option is primarily used to document which company is responsible for a particular task. To inform contacts about tasks, it is recommended to create a task report and share it with them via email.

  • Assign tasks to a team: Teams are designed to facilitate collaboration and improve teamwork. They allow individual teams to have full control over the pins of their members, making it easier for holiday coverage or when team members leave a project. Teams are typically grouped based on the company or department. Once a task is assigned to a team, all team members will be notified, and they can view and complete the task, marking it as done.

Assignees list

Closing a task

As a task creator or administrator, you have the authority to close a task once it has been marked as done. In cases where a task has not been completed to your satisfaction, you can also choose to re-open it. To close or reopen a task, simply click on the task's status and select the appropriate option.

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