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At the end of the project, you want to back up all the data to be able to archive it on your own computer, an external hard drive, etc. Or you have canceled docu tools and would like to save your data in a readable format.


  • You are the administrator of the project.
  • The project is active.

3 ways to export data

All 3 ways start with you opening the project.

1. export plans

  • Under Plans, download the plans one by one by pressing the ... at the end of the line and selecting Export plan.
  • Leave the checkmark at include pins as it is and confirm with export.
  • Wait until the export is generated and press Download. You will receive the plan as a PDF.

Plans can be exported only one by one.

2. export media

  • Under Media click on the ... icon on the right and select Download all media.
  • This will generate a zip file in which all media are stored grouped by date. You can also select the media and download only the selected ones. The data will be prepared for export.
  • Then confirm again with Download.

3. export pins

Export the pins in a report.

  • Under Reports select New report.
  • Give your project a meaningful title.
  • Select Detail report as report template. "Large" or "small" here refers to the image size. Please choose what fits better for your needs (if you have created your own report template, you can of course use that as well).
  • Scroll down further and select the parameters.
  • Under Content based on: leave pins selected and click Select. Select the pins to be included in the report. We recommend to put max. 300 pins in one report, otherwise it may take a long time to create it.
  • Click on Create and the report will be created, which may take longer depending on the data content.
  • Click on Download when the report is ready. Here you can choose whether you want to receive the report as a PDF or as a Word document.

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