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docu tools Service Team
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(Construction) plans can be uploaded to docu tools in PDF, JPG and PNG format. There is no size limit when uploading. However, please note that depending on your internet connection, uploading large files may take correspondingly longer.

When uploading, you can change the alignment of your plan. Once the upload is completed the alignment can then no longer be changed.


You can display all media in a project in the web app via the media view in your project. You can also download them from this view. In the web app, you can disable media if required. Not all options are available on all platforms.

Photos, videos and audio

In docu tools you can create photos, videos and audio notes. The first time you use them on your smartphone and tablet, you must authorize docu tools to access the camera and microphone, respectively. You set the storage size of the photos in your user settings.

You can also upload photos, videos and audios from your computer or tablet if, for example, you have used a digital camera or have been sent the photo.

You can include photos directly in your reports, but video and audio content understandably cannot. However, the report will indicate that these media exist in a pin. If you work a lot with videos and audios in docu tools, it makes sense to include a direct link to the pin in the report with the placeholder {pin-link}}. Then anyone with the appropriate project permissions can open the pin by clicking on the link and access the videos and audios it contains.

Files and sketches

In the web app and on the iPad, you can attach files to the pin. This is often used for product data sheets, for example. These also appear in the media view.

You can create sketches in the pin in the web app and on the iPad. These are attached as a photo in the pin. Sketches cannot be edited afterwards.

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