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To ensure a seamless and effortless start with reports, we offer a range of ready-to-use templates in docu tools. These templates are designed to cover the most common elements and layouts found in reports, including project details, logos, report author information, important pin data, media, and much more.

All our templates are available in both Word (.docx) and Excel (.xlsx) formats, providing you with flexibility in choosing the preferred file type. You have the option to use the templates as they are, or if you require customization, you can download them, make the necessary modifications, and then re-upload them to suit your specific requirements.

All of our templates include basic report placeholders such as {{report-title}}, {{project-name}}, {{Author}}, {{today}} as well as pin and task detailed information. To learn more about all available placeholders please refer to the detailed placeholder articles.

Let's explore the existing pre-designed report templates in docu tools and delve into the key details about each template.

Templates available in Word (.docx) format

Daily Protocol

Introducing our Daily Protocol template, specifically designed to capture important details regarding site activities. This template offers a comprehensive solution, including key elements such as weather conditions, attendee information, and even the ability to sign the report directly within the app. With our template, you can efficiently record and track the daily progress and any site-related issues.

Some important placeholders include:

  • {{signature-site-manager}} and {{signature-Foreman}} - the convenient functionality to digitally sign the report within the iOS app, which streamlines the process and eliminates the need for manual signatures, saving you time and effort.
  • {{weather}} - The inclusion of weather data allows you to document its impact on site operations, providing valuable context for future analysis.
  • {{attendee-company}} and {{attendee-count}} - the attendee section enables you to note individuals present at the site, ensuring accurate accountability.
  • {{today}} - the date of the protocol to easily identify the recency of the report, which allows for proper tracking and monitoring of defect resolution progress over time.

By utilizing our Daily Protocol template, you can effortlessly document and monitor site activities, ensuring clear and concise records of each day's events.

Defect report

Introducing our Defect Report Template, a classic report for efficiently communicating and documenting a comprehensive list of defects to subcontractors, and other stakeholders. This template enables you to capture and convey detailed information about each identified defect, including essential details such as defect description, pin location on the plan, related tasks, and any relevant supporting documentation, comments, or images.

The most important placeholders included in this template are:

  • {{pin-plan-snippet-large}}
  • {{picture-table-medium}}
  • {{all-datasets}}
  • {{all-pf}}
  • {{comments}}

Photo documentation

If you require a photo documentation report for construction purposes, we offer a specialized template that emphasizes large photos. It is important to note that while this report format provides enhanced visual clarity, it may require additional storage space. By utilizing this template, you can capture and present comprehensive visual records of construction progress, site conditions, or any relevant photographic documentation.

Among the basic placeholders for project, pin and task details we also included the following:

  • {{sort-by-plan}} - pins sorted by plan
  • {{plan-snippet-overview-a4}}
  • {{picture-table-large}}

Quick Print

With this template, you can generate clean, visually appealing reports that are optimized for printing and distribution. With a focus on simplicity and ease of printing, this template omits the cover page and incorporates a footer displaying the project name for easy reference.

Standard report

This is our basic report template, that includes all essential details for pins and tasks in your documentation process. This template covers a wide range of information, such as descriptions, pin locations on the plan, related tasks, supporting documentation, comments, and images. Here we utilized medium-sized photos to provide a balanced combination of a comprehensive overview and optimized use of space.

Important placeholders include:

  • {{picture-table-medium}}

Standard report incl. overview

This template combines the comprehensive information of a standard report with an additional plan overview, allowing you to provide a visual representation of the whole plan and the pins located on it. Additionally, it incorporates small pictures throughout the report, enhancing the clarity of documentation and providing visual context.

Important placeholders include:

  • {{plan-snippet-overview-a4}}
  • {{picture-table-small}}

Template available in Excel (.xlsx) format

Excel Export Pins

Introducing the Excel Export Pins Template, that allows you to generate comprehensive Excel exports containing all data associated with a Pin. This export includes essential details such as pin number, pin title, pin category, plan, plan version, pin creator, pin creation date, and tags added to the pin. By capturing all these elements in an Excel format, you can easily analyze, sort, and manipulate the data to suit your specific needs.

Placeholders we use:

Excel Export Tasks

This is a powerful template, that generates an extensive Excel export containing comprehensive information related to tasks. This export includes essential task details such as task and pin numbers, task and pin titles, plan details, task creation details, assignee information, due dates, and status updates.

The highlight of this report template is the chart, which provides a visual summary of task states, including closed, open, done, and rejected. This chart allows for a quick and intuitive understanding of the task status distribution, enabling effective monitoring and decision-making.

By utilizing our Excel Export Tasks Template, you gain valuable insights into your task management process. Whether you need to track progress, analyze trends, or share information with stakeholders, this template provides a robust solution for extracting and presenting task-related data in a clear and organized manner.

Placeholders we use:

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