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License management is only available in the web-app. Click on the gear icon at the top right of the black bar and select License management. The license management is only visible to organization owners and users with the according permission assigned.

Organization owner

Every user who creates a (test) account for docu tools is the owner of their own organization and can invite other members to their organization via the license management, provided that no docu tools account has been previously created for these e-mail addresses.

Upon ordering docu tools licenses companies designate an organization owner to whose account the purchased licenses will be assigned. This organization owner is then responsible for distributing these licenses within the organization.

First registration

When first registering, you enter the company name. This is now the name of your organization, which is also visible for project partners in docu tools.

You also enter your name and e-mail address. You will receive the activation link for your account via e-mail, so make sure to enter it correctly and that you have access to this e-mail account. You can change all data afterwards in the user settings, except typos in the e-mail address.

Manage companies

To change your organization name, click on the icon ... in the license management and select Manage companies. In the Companies field you can change your own company name and confirm with Save.

Furthermore, you can create a list of companies, e.g., if your company has several sites or if you want to organize users according to their departments. Enter the other company or department names individually and save them. You can then use the drop-down menu in the "Company" column in the license overview to choose the respective company to each user. The company name will be displayed when assigning tasks, making it easier to select the right person in larger organizations. In the report, the company can also be displayed with the corresponding placeholder.

Company names can only be changed by the organization owner. Users can only change their name in user settings.

Invite users to your organization

You want to invite all those whose licenses you manage to your organization. Usually these are employees of your company. Within docu tools they are referred as "internal users". ATTENTION: You are inviting people to your organization, but not to a project or a team!

Click on Invite to license management. Enter the e-mail address. Click on Invite. The invitee will now receive an email inviting them to join your organization by clicking the button or link in the email and sets a password. They are now a member of your organization. Organization members do not have access to license management unless you grant them permission. They can also create their own projects only with the appropriate authorization.

If the message The specified email address has already been used appears, the recipient previously created a docu tools account with this email address. In this case, please submit a service ticket and let us know the email address in question. Moving an existing account to your organization is possible but can only be done via the backend, you cannot do this yourself.

Assign licenses

You can invite as many users as you like to your organization. However, they can only fully use docu tools if you assign them an active license. You can see how many licenses are still available in your organization above your member list. If you have an available license, click on the ... button next to the user and select Assign license. An orange tick will now appear in the "paid" column. This user can now use docu tools within the scope of your license agreement.

If you do not have any more licenses available, you can revoke another employees license or contact our sales team to purchase additional licenses.

Users without an active license can only be invited to projects with the roles subcontractor or internal viewer.

"License management" or "Manage projects" permissions

If the user should receive the permission to manage licenses in the organization, check the corresponding box in the "License management" column.

If the user should receive the permission to manage projects in the organization, check the corresponding box in the "Manage projects" column. As soon as the checkmark has been set, the button with the folder symbol and lock appears. If you click on it, you can limit which project folders the user is allowed to manage.

Organization owner will always have both permissions which cannot be revoked.


Remove license

Click on the ... in the row of the employee in question. Click on Remove license from user. A - appears in the "Paid" column instead of the check mark, and the number of your available licenses in the overview increases accordingly. You can now assign the available license to somebody else in your organization.

Set user inactive

Employees who should no longer be able to work with docu tools (e.g. because they have left the company) can be set to inactive. To do this, click the ... in the relevant line and then click Set user inactive. The status in this line will change to inactive. You can also use the same steps to reactivate a user if necessary.

Upon their next login an inactive user will then receive an error message and will no longer be able to log in. Thus the access to your data is protected.

The data that this user has previously created remains intact and assigned to them.

However, please note: Any unsynchronized data from the users mobile device can no longer be synchronized and will trigger an error message on the end device. In this case, you can reactivate the user and deactivate them again once synchronization has been completed.

Open tasks assigned to the user will remain assigned to them. You will have to assign them to someone else via the mass editing of tasks.

When the organization owner is leaving the company

To change the organization owner please fill out this form and send it to Our team will make the change as soon as possible within our working hours.

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