What's the difference between "Adding users to your organization" and "Inviting users to a project"?

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docu tools Service Team
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Users in docu tools can be included in two main ways: either in your own organization or in a specific project.

Inviting a user into the organisation - License management

In docu tools each company gets its own area called "Organization". A new organization (company name) is created with each new docu tools account. "Organization owner" is the person who first registers in an organization.

As organization owner you can invite people to join this organization. Typically, organization members are colleagues from your own company. The invited users become part of the organization and can obtain licenses. In addition, organization owners can grant license management and project management permissions to organization members. Depending on this, they can then manage other users or projects within the organization. However, they are not yet part of a specific project and do not receive notifications regarding pins and tasks.

These users are called "internal users". They are visible in the License management view.

If you receive the message "The specified email address has already been used", the user has already created an account with this email address. If you would like to transfer the existing (test) account to your organization, our service team will be happy to do this for you. Please submit a service ticket and let us know which email address the account in question is registered to.

Inviting user to a project - Project level

The users invited on the "project level" can be internal as well as external users. "External users" are docu tools users who are not in your organization but in their own organization, e.g. partner companies and subcontractors. You add project members by clicking on Invite member in the member view of the project. You can invite internal users by clicking in the field with the envelope. From the drop down menu you can select people from the member list.

To invite external users, enter the e-mail addresses of the persons to be invited in the same field. If there is an existing docu tools account for this email address, the person will receive a notification that they have been invited to a new project. If there is no account for the given mail address yet, an invitation to register for docu tools will be sent.

All invited users will be visible in the list of project members.

Each project member will be assigned a project specific role. The project role is limited to this single project. More information in roles.

Make sure that you really only want to invite the person to the project. This will create a separate organization for the person. If it is a person who should also be in your organization, please first invite them to your organization via the license management.

If a person has only been invited to the project by mistake, they must be moved to the correct organization by our service team. To do this, please submit a service ticket and let us know the e-mail address to which the account in question is registered.

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